Earth Gong Bath Testimonials

During my immersion into the sound of the earth gong I felt deep transcendence and yet deeply present and grounded at the same time. The deep vibrations and varying tones of Marco’s playing takes you to another place within the meditative experience. My body vibrated with life, My heart full and my mind became so quiet, bathed in this beautiful array of sound color… I emerged from my experience feeling calm yet vibrantly healthy…It was lovely, Thank you Marco!

Bobbie Ellis
Soma Center Director
Highland Park NJ


Now bear with me…when I finally laid down because i really wanted the
sound to wash over me evenly from the crown. Then, I saw a woman walking though a slit in this dimension she was very thin and wore kinda normal clothing like pants and shirt…I followed her into the narrow passage, wondered why I did that and kept on going.
I absolutely do not know where I was or anything about my journey…except
i did see some white symbols falsh through my consciousness and seer into
it as an impression. But I DID return with the last gong strike, heard it float of into the
ether. I slipped back into my body and vibrated for days…it went beyond the bone.
I did hear of a few people speak of going out of body and back…
IT WAS DEEP AND WONDERFUL  . . .  you are really mastering something wonderful for us. Thank You for the sensitivity….beautiful indeed. I pray I get another
chance to do this again…



Marco is a master of his craft, but it is the respectful, soulful and thoughtful design of the journeys he creates that have a long lasting and deep impact. I have listened to the gong in many countries around the world, temples, monasteries, etc. I can honestly say that I have never had a more meaningful and transformative journey. Marco respectfully allows participants the freedom to create their own journey while skillfully creating a holy and moving experience. My deepest admiration for a sincere and loving soul and true artist.

I highly reccomend this experience to anyone who wishes to rest in the consciousness of oneness and journey to the center of Soul.

Catalina B.
Morris County, NJ


I was so intrigued by the idea of the Earth Gong Bath – and I was not disappointed.  Once I settled in and the Bath began, I relaxed and let the vibrations wash over me.  I was mesmerized by the connection of the Gong’s musical vibrations to my body.  I felt as if I was on a magic carpet ride high above the earth; and then I was in the deepest ocean floating blissfully with the swells of the sea.   All was calm, and my body was connected to the rhythms of the earth; air and water.  An hour passed as though minutes.  The time was powerfully calming and meditative.  It is difficult to describe, but once experienced you will always be thinking of your next Earth Gong Bath experience.

Catherine G.
Lawrenceville, NJ


My sister, who’ve already been at Marco’s Gong meditations before, invited me to join her last month (December 2010 @ Highland Park, NJ). I on the other hand, never been at the events like that and was a little scared. Gong is a very powerful tool. It happened that I was not the only one with that feeling. At the beginning of the class another women came to Marco asking him to create a strong sound to “taste” it. He did, and she left saying that it was too much to her. I stayed though. Good I did.

It was a very powerful, calming experience. And strangly to say, quite gentle, despite the strong and magestic sound of the Gong. Hard to explain the feelings, I’m sure each person experiences it differently. But everyone who attended that class was enchanted and even healed by the melody of the Earth Gong. One person who happened to be sick and periodically snored, confessed at the end that he was breathing normally again. Interestingly, even his snoring did not break the spell of the moment. The hour flew so fast. And we did not want to leave. We stayed with Marco for a while, and talked and shared our Lightness.

I would like to thank Marco for his ART of creating a pure, healing and tranquil SOUND, capable of bringing light and peace into our souls.

Lena Kogan, EB, NJ


I had the pleasure to attend my first Marco Dolce “Earth Gong Bath” this past summer at Yoga Nine in LBI, NJ. I have since been to 4 additional “Earth Gong” sessions and have become a Marco Dolce groupie. Mr. Dolce’s talents extract a mesmerizing five star experience that can be best described as hypnotic or “out of body”. I look forward to attending his future events as much as my teenage daughters want to see Justin Bieber in concert. If you can experience Savasana (YOGA\ Corpse Pose), then Marco Dolce’s “Earth Gong Bath” should be on your bucket list. It is a MUST EXPERIENCE event that you will not regret !

Carpe Diem!
John Haines
CEO Direct Source Healthcare


I took an Earth Gong Bath with you in Manhattan a short while ago.
I would like to tell you now that I am very grateful for the experience. It was not at all relaxing (what I had expected), but deeply moving and a bit troubling. I came into contact with my darker sides, and it was a surprisingly friendly encounter. The predominant feeling was fearlessness. I am still working on it.
Hope to see you soon in Manhattan, and I will happily join in another event.

New York City

Just wanted to shoot you an email to emphasize how much of an awesome experience this was.  I have a meditation practice of my own but I found the Earth Gong to be on an entirely different level, or rather, a different experience and an extremely pleasant one. I found that in the beginning my body almost felt shocked by the sound and I had some trouble truly relaxing. Gradually though my entire body loosened and relaxed and allowed for a very slow steady breath. In comparison, in the beginning of the hour, I found it difficult to even concentrate on breathing while once I relaxed I didn’t have to think. Throughout the experience I felt great surges of energy and feelings of oneness, for lack of a better word, with something greater. In addition I vividly saw different landscapes in my minds eye throughout the hour. A rainbow, a gorgeous starry sky on a clear night, a bright sunny day and others too that I cannot recall as clearly. Throughout the entire experience I felt regular surges of energy in addition to feelings of oneness. In short, it was a great experience and encourages me to continue with my own practice. I am glad I was able to attend and look forward to doing so in the future. All the best.
John Mason
New Jersey
I attended the Earth Gong Bath at Integral Yoga last week….I have had a bit of a healing crisis this week, but I was kind of expecting it after all of the physical pain I experienced during the EGB. I see it all as a huge and deep part of my healing…I have had some stubborn energy in my cells , that I feel was dislodged and released through the this whole process. It was truly an amazing experience. And I feel lighter and more clear.
I have also been enjoying your CD with the singing bowls.Jane Anne
Highland Park, NJ——————————————–

My husband and I attended Marco’s gong bath at The Room Above in Mendham
and was totally amazed at the quality of sound, and the healing  sensations that I experienced during the hour. Not only did I appreciate, enjoy and  sink into the healing experience but also I felt grounded and solid and centered for at least a week afterward. I am so grateful to know that this passive healing experience is available for me and my family. Marco is a gifted healer musician. I will be taking my family next time! I believe and have found that Sound healing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to heal.

 Sarah Borda,LMT,NCTMB
Myofascial Release Specialist
The Myofascial Release Center of NJ
Thank you Marco. I was truly unsure of what this was all about ,before going to your session, at The Room Above, tonight. As I had told you, I made a point not to read about the gong bath, so I wouldn’t have any preconceived notions. As it turned out, I have experienced the power of the earth gong bath. When I completely let go, I could honestly feel where I have had past recurring pain, or injury. The varying vibrations would travel to a specific area in my body, temporarily store itself there {just long enough for a lost memory to come to my awareness) ,and then it was released. With a new gong, a new area was the focus. Perhaps the non believer needed to experience it on the physical realm before coming to know the spiritual realm, but I have a new known truth, you and your gift certainly heal. I look forward to coming again.
Thank you.

Harriet Z.
Brookside, NJ




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