Concerts and Workshops


Marco Dolce is an engaging and dynamic teacher who loves to share his knowledge. In fact, Marco is a New Jersey certified high school English teacher with experience in both the public education and corporate sectors.

The Sacred and Healing Sounds Workshop, conducted by Marco Dolce, is more than just a learning experience – for many participants, it proves to be a transformative event, often resulting in emotional clearing that can effect powerful personal shifts. One or two days of focused sacred sound-making in a supportive and compassionate group setting can have a profound effect for all involved.

The Sacred and Healing Sounds Workshop consists of sonic meditations with master-quality singing bowls and gongs, hands-on demonstrations of these and other instruments, and group toning and chanting.  It generally covers the following topics:

—The universal and sacred nature of sound, with an understanding of sound and vibration as the primary causative force in the universe, including an examination of music theory and harmonic structure as sacred geometry.

—Demonstrations and discussions of harmonics, in which the structure and behavior of vibrating entities are revealed; including a journey up the harmonic series.

—The uses of singing bowls, gongs, tingshaws, and gantas, from the Tibetan Buddhist  traditions, and how these instruments can be used in contemporary spiritual practice.

—Chanting and toning with the human voice; tonal correspondences with the chakra system; an introduction to harmonic overtone singing.

—The way sound and vibration interact and with influence the human body/mind complex; how sound can be used as a tool for healing, meditation, and personal evolution.

—Guided meditations with gongs and singing bowls, and other sacred sound instruments.

The Sacred and Healing Sounds workshop in its entirety encompasses an 8-hour day. By special arrangement, the workshop can also be offered as a half-day event, or series of two-hour events.


Marco Dolce, and his collection of master-quality Himalayan singing bowls and gongs, is available for select concert venues. The sound of harmonically-tuned, meticulously amplified singing bowls filling a large concert space is not only a sublime listening event, but a sound healing event. Please contact us for more information.