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  1. Jane Ann Carvalho says:

    Hi Marco,
    I attended the Earth Gong Bath at Integral Yoga last week….I have had a bit of a healing crisis this week, but I was kind of expecting it after all of the physical pain I experienced during the EGB. I see it all as a huge and deep part of my healing…I have had some stubborn energy in my cells , that I feel was dislodged and released through the this whole process. It was truly an amazing experience. And I feel lighter and more clear.
    I have also been enjoying your CD with the singing bowls.
    I am actually writing to ask if you would like to be a part of a small event that I am putting together in June. I have invited Kat Naslas from to facilitate a firewalk. I have experienced her firewalks and her energy and she too offers an amazing experience. For a few months now, I have been invisioning an event combining the experience of firewalking and singing bowls. I am not sure where that inspiration has come from, but after meetng you the other night, I thought…’huh, maybe this can really happen” I live in Roselle, NJ (union County) and would hold the event in this area. Right now I am just putting feelers out and to see what I can ‘ignite”. Please Let me know if you are even interested and if so, we can correspond about the details.
    I would love for this to happen…I think it could be a truly transforming experience.
    Jane Ann Carvalho (

    • Admin says:


      Thank you for getting in touch, and thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad that my work has
      helped you in your healing process.

      As to the the idea of singing bowls and firewalking — that is a new request! I’m not sure if the
      bowls would be right for that; I think a gong would be better, more related to fire, just my instinct.
      But I think you should ask the person who directs the firewalks – it is her show after all and a lot is at
      stake it would seem. What do you think? Perhaps you should tell her your idea and have her get in
      touch if she is interested.

      Thanks again, and stay in touch – I will be back at Integral in June and July.



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